War On Xmas Last-Minute Gift: Hillary Clinton, Jew Killer

It says HITLARY 2008 - WonketteWho killed all the Jews? That's right, it was Hillary "Hitlary" Clinton!

Show people you care about the Holocaust with this hilarious yet dignified "tote bag" that lets everybody know the ultimate truth: Hillary "Hitlary" Clinton murdered 6 million Jews ... and invaded Poland. Don't forget Poland!

Sadly, the rest of the GOP Progress holiday gifts are tame -- which makes sense for a self-proclaimed moderate Republican site. And that gives us a great idea: Get a bunch of these for your centrist GOP friends, and when they're totally outraged you can just say it's the new moderate stance! Happy War on Xmas, Every One!

Weekly 10: Christmas gifts for moderates/lib-leaners [GOP Progress]


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