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Rand Paul Has Thoughts On Russia, Ukraine, NATO. They Are Pretty Much Putin's Thoughts.

Russian propaganda comes from the most predictable places these days!

Usually when you see Rand Paul trending on Twitter, it means he's opened his insolent mouth toward someone far more respectable than he during a Senate hearing, and everyone is appalled. Or maybe it just means his neighbor has charged him with a riding lawn mower.

But yesterday it was the first thing. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to talk about Russia and Ukraine, and Paul, a garbage isolationist seditionist troll who's been accused more than once of being all the way up Vladimir Putin's ass, thought he could open his mouth without embarrassing himself. We don't know where he got that idea, but we blame his parents for filling his head with lies like "what a handsome boy!" and "you're good enough!" when he was a child.

WHAT'S IN PUTIN'S ASS? Is Rand Paul A Russian Agent, Or Is That Just His Face?

John McCain And Rand Paul Are Fighting Like MEOW HISS GRRRR ARGH!

Tucker's Lie About Biden Making Russia Invade Ukraine Really Getting Its Wings Now

So Paul was talking at Blinken, and it was going poorly. Paul spouted Kremlin talking points, similar to those vomited by Tucker Carlson, that Russia's chosen war on Ukraine was Joe Biden's fault, because Biden somehow was forcing Ukraine to join NATO. All of that is bullshit, but Vladimir Putin loves to hear it.

Then Paul shoehorned in a few more of Putin's dogwhistles about the history of the world and restoring the glory of the former Soviet Union.

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LIVE: Sec State Blinken Reports Back To Senate After Ukraine Field Trip

Busy day on WonkTV!

There is so, so very much going on that we haven't had a chance to do a big Russia/Ukraine update. HOWEVER, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is available to answer questions of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, fresh off his trip with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to Kyiv, where they met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Things we guess they might talk about?

  • The announcement that the US plans to re-open its embassy in Kyiv
  • The announcement that President Joe Biden's nominee for ambassador to Ukraine is officially happening, and her name is Bridget Brink. This will be the first time America has had a permanent ambassador in Ukraine since Marie Yovanovitch.
  • New military aid to Ukraine
  • What Austin said after the Kyiv trip about how the goal is for Russia to be completely "weakened" going forward
  • Jesus Christ, is Putin going to invade Moldova next?

And much more, we reckon.

Watch live here:

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Right Wing Extremism

Michael Flynn Has Cool Idea To Help Putin Finish Genocide He Started

He just can't stop himself.

With every day that passes in Russia's war against Ukraine, being an American Putin apologist becomes a little bit grosser than it was the day before. It became grosser when the world started to see the mass graves full of executed civilian corpses that were left when Russian troops would leave a Ukrainian town. It became grosser when reports started coming out of Russian troops raping Ukrainian teenagers. With every atrocity, it's just that much more impossible to say that these people's arguments are academic in nature, that maybe they just have a different perspective on foreign policy.

So let's talk about disgraced pardoned literal actual traitor Michael Flynn, a man who's eaten dinner in Moscow close enough to Vladimir Putin to know what he smells like. We are eight weeks into this war that Ukraine did nothing to provoke, despite whatever Kremlin-scripted justifications people like Flynn, Tucker Carlson, and Tulsi Gabbard might have for it.

On Mike Lindell TV, which is a thing that exists — don't miss the chyron with the MyPillow discount code — Flynn told beclowned former OAN host Emerald Robinson that it's just time for everybody to stop helping Ukraine and let Russia win. You know, for humanitarian reasons.

He phrased it a bit differently, of course:

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Right Wing Extremism

Newsmax's Eric Bolling Literally Begging Tucker To Stop Siding With Genocidal Putin

When Newsmax is looking more human than Fox News, you got issues.

A few weeks ago, Newsmax's Eric Bolling had an interview with Wladimir Klitschko, the brother of Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine. And they specifically talked about pro-Russia Americans like Tucker Carlson, who actively side with Vladimir Putin as he commits genocide against innocents in Ukraine. Klitschko said people like Tucker have blood on their hands. Bolling seemed genuinely confused by people like Tucker, how they can so openly side with evil here.

It wasn't a fluke, and now Bolling, whom we defend on Wonkette approximately ... [checks Wonkette archives] ... never, is making it more personal.

Media Matters found a recent clip from Bolling's show that ran after the Klitschko interview, after images of war crimes and genocide started to come out of places like Bucha, where Bolling personally begged Tucker to side with good. And he specifically contextualized it with the now well-known fact that Tucker is so valuable as Russian propaganda that they show him to their own people nonstop on their state-run propaganda networks.

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