Warming Up

  • Barry Obama has someone going to the Rezko trail, taking notes. Not that he's got anything to worry about it or anything. [Real Clear Politics]
  • The newly elected Rep from the Florida 103rd district hasn't been on the floor since he was having butt sex with a Congressman there 15 years ago. Just kidding, but he was a page. [Naked Politics]
  • Hillary continues her totally subtle and not-at-all heavy handed reminders to voters that Barry is a black man. [AMERICAblog]
  • Hills keeps talking about this "long battle" she's "just getting warmed up" for, but doesn't she know that Texas and Ohio are today? [New York Times]
  • Since Republicans think John McCain is too liberal they're going to vote for Barry! [Openers]
  • Supressing voter turnout is the new attack ad. [Ben Smith]
  • Aw, look, this is really cute. This blogger thinks there's some kind of chance in hell that the John McCain will be president. [Political Insider]

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