Warren Buffett Now Applying For Subprime Credit Cards

  • So ha ha, funny story: this English anti-terror muckety muck accidentally allowed himself to be photographed getting out of a car while holding a top-secret file, and so British police had to carry out a bunch of raids earlier than they'd planned due to old doofus revealing their plans to the press. [BBC News]
  • Nearly a dozen states are mulling a major increase in sales or income taxes due to the "no money anywhere" problem. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Virginia's (Democratic) governor wants federal stimulus money, but its (Republican) House does not. [Fox News]
  • Moody's, the credit rating service that two years ago would have assigned a triple-A rating to a crack addict with 35 cents and a half-eaten tube of Chapstick in their pocket, has now downgraded Berkshire Hathaway's formerly sterling credit rating. [New York Times]
  • The American crew of a hijacked ship off the coast of Africa regained control of the vessel, but Somali pirates took the captain hostage and haven't given him up, yet. [BBC News]
  • A mythical substance known as "brown fat" might be able to keep you from becoming obese, if you don't mind hanging out in a 61-degree room for the rest of your life. [Washington Post]

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