Wash 'Times' Also Concered About Fossil Fuel Waste by Muslims

tree_hugger.jpgThe Washington Times today runs a stunning, important story on the hardships faced by an endangered species of bat. No, seriously.

CABEZA PRIETA N.W.R., Ariz. -- Three years ago, the endangered lesser long-nosed bat had been ousted from a cave here, one of just four known maternity roosts in the United States...

The piece is a wonder of environmentally conscious journalism, extensively quoting a "biologist at Cabeza Prieta, a national wildlife refuge the size of Rhode Island." Why would a notoriously ultra-conservative paper champion such an obscure preservationist cause? Let's quote the second half of the lede:

...by illegal aliens who used the cave as a cool rest stop on their route north.


Long-nosed bats evict a covey of aliens [WT]


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