Washed-Up Whoremonger To Lend Credibility To YouTube Nut

You, me ... Gary Sinise

"Loose Change," an insane YouTube documentary that claims that the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 attacks, suddenly became totally credible when the grown-up star of Two And A Half Men announced that he would narrate a remixed version. No, not John Cryer. The other one.

Charlie Sheen will be lending his voice to the Internet diatribe, as he previously did to All Dogs Go To Heaven and the upcoming Foodfight! Hollywood actors love voice work because they can literally phone it in, even if they are very, very hung over.

Sheen will also be getting a fat check from the CIA for further distracting everyone from the non-hidden non-conspiratorial fact that everyone who was in a position to have prevented 9/11 is a drooling incompetent, and for discrediting anything anyone famous ever says about politics for the next six months.



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