Washington DC to Become Quaint Portrait of a Simpler Time, Also Drown

Swamp's gonna rise, no boat's gonna row - WonketteThe National Capital Planning Commission predicts that the entirety of Washington, DC will become a charming and bizarre underwater Victorian photo-postcard, reports the Examiner.

A worst-case-scenario flood could turn the Jefferson Memorial into an island and flood the National Mall up to the Reflecting Pool, the report said.

Considering that one inch of snow causes unimaginable panic and chaos, it shouldn't be a surprise that a couple inches of deadly rain will knock over the Washington Monument and destroy the Capitol. Of course, while it will be a tragedy when the levees break (there are levees here, right?) and we're all trapped in a Waterworld-like desperate struggle for survival, if history is any indication, it'll at least lead to the Redskins making the playoffs the following year.

District Faces Potential Flood Danger [Examiner]


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