The gaypocalypse is upon us. We have seen the signs, from judges competing to see who can write the most elegant fuck you to the religious right when legalizing gay marriage to Common Core turning all our children gay. And Washington, DC (the city and people that live here, not the asshole Congresscritters you flyover states send here) is getting in on the action. How? Lesbian anchor babies:

The District is one of a handful of jurisdictions that permit second-parent adoptions with no residency rules or other restrictions…. The 2013 law is leading an increasing number of lesbian couples from nearby states to deliver their babies in the District, according to family lawyers arranging second-parent adoptions.

Why can’t lesbians just give birth in states like Virginia? Oh, because Virginia is still an ass-backward shithole of a place that retains homophobic laws:

In Virginia, children can be adopted by an individual or a married couple, effectively excluding gay couples, since the state does not recognize same-sex marriages.

So in 2013, DC decided to give a big ol’ middle finger to the bigots:

“The legislation was geared to try to treat same-sex couples, either married or domestic partners, the same as heterosexual couples,” said D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D), who sponsored it. “My other goal was that we should do everything we can to help a child have two parents. And the law was a barrier to that.”

Rock on, DC. Let this be a lesson to the rest of the country: Washington DC is a good place with good, liberal people who live here. It is the shitmuffins that get sent here from Texas or California or other places who give this city a bad name. Ok, that and Marion Barry. But we are better now! See, we love the gays so much that we want all the gay babies born here!

Three cheers for DC, doing what it can to make things better. Yay! We'll enjoy these little bits of good news while we await the Four Rainbow Horsemen of the Gaypocalypse leading the gay pride parade through the deep south, like a modern-day General Sherman.

[Washington Post]

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