Washington Post Launching Delightful New Personalized 'Google News'


Do you love Google News but wish it was somehow tied up with the Washington Post? Then you will really be delighted to hear that the WaPo is launching something called "Trove," which is a magical way to apparently personalize the news you wish to see on your screen -- sort of the way you've been able to do on the Internet, using Excite! News or RSS or Bloglines or whatever, since the mid-1990s. But this will be different! (Right? It has to be different in some way, we assume, even though assuming anything sane is extremely dangerous when discussing the Washington Post.) Let's take a look at all the personalized options you'll enjoy whenever the "Washington Trove" appears and is quickly and totally forgotten by the few who bother to look at it, once.

[Wall Street Journal/DCist]


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