Washington Post Magazine Officially Out of Ideas

Get It Red Versus Blue Get It Get ItWe're sort of curious about what exactly goes on in the newsroom of the WP magazine. Based on the cover story of yesterday's issue, we're thinking not much. The entire article stems from this premise: "The Washington Post Magazine... wanted to see what happens when you pluck hostile bloggers from the ether and cause them to spend a day together, sightseeing and arguing in the nation's capital."

You know what happens? Readers fall asleep. Please smoke more dope, WP Magazine staffers. Then you'll be drawing up plans to send gerbils on helium balloon journeys or how to makes a perpetual motion machine with gum and string. At the very least, you would have released a gerbil into the "hostile blogger" conversation, which might have been the only way to prevent the article from reading like the transcript to a public access version of "Crossfire." Also, a gerbil could have told the author that going meta half-way through the piece and noting that journalists are "wringing our hands in countless articles about blogging, wiping our brows through endless panels devoted to blogging, scrying through bottomless poll data about blogging, and launching blogs of our own" does not make it okay to write another piece about blogging. In short: More gerbils, less blogging.

Fighting Words [WP]


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