Washington Post Notices Wikileaks' 'New Approach' Doesn't Include Washington Post


Have you heard about the hawt new Afghanistan war journalism, Wikileaks? The Washington Post heard about it too, probably by checking Google News or whatever. And two unlucky reporters got the Sunday night job of writing about the "new approach" Wikileaks took to publicize the damning war documents -- a "new approach" that completely passed over America's Newspaper, the Washington Post, in favor of the New York Times, the Guardian and an actual German paper, Der Spiegel.

In this case, rather than conduct its own assessment of the documents, Wikileaks selectively provided the files to the Times, the London-based Guardian newspaper and the German magazine Der Spiegel. The three outlets agreed to publish simultaneously, though each organization did its own reporting and produced its own stories.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange "said he expects that Americans will respond as they did nearly 40 years ago to the Pentagon Papers," the Post writes. Meaning, of course, that Americans will first read the secret documents in the New York Times and not the Washington Post. [WaPo]


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