Washington Post Owner Flees DC For Manhattan

Guess who finally had enough of this goddamned place and moved to New York? Post owner Donald Graham!

Mary and Donald secretly bought the $4.65-million 10-room 2,000-square-foot Central Park West apartment and won't even tell their closest friends about fleeing the foul District.

"I would, of course, beg you not to write anything about it," Mary Graham told the New York Observer. "We haven't even talked to our friends about the fact that we'll have this apartment!

"I think it's important to say that we continue to be a devoted Washington family," she said later, "and we're not selling anything in Washington."

Yes, it's very important in Washington to say things that are completely untrue. Meanwhile, the rudderless WaPo continues its tragic decline: First quarter profits were down 16%, while circulation dropped another 4%.

Washington Post Owner Spends $4.65M for Central Park West Pied-A-Terre [NY Observer]


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