Washington Times Bravely Declares Victory In Iraq

It takes courage in the face of adversity -- along with "Yikes, We're All Crazy Moonies! -- to declare victory in Iraq a few hours after Henry Freakin' Kissinger says he "doesn't believe that is possible." But that's why we love the Washington Times.

The Times describes the corrupt and doomed Iraq reconstruction nightmare as "a minor miracle" and quotes a minor Bush appointee at the Pentagon as saying "something equivalent to the Marshall Plan has been accomplished in Iraq."

So, stealing $20 billion and fixing up a few schools and hospitals you bombed in the first place is now equal to transforming half a continent of starving people and smoking ruins into Western Europe . Next week, the Washington Times will finally declare an American victory in Vietnam, too. Didn't Bush just give a victory speech in Hanoi?

Rebuilding in Iraq tops 4,000 projects [Washington Times]

Kissinger Says Victory in Iraq Is Not Possible [New York Times]


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