Washington 'Times' Decries, Locates Local Houses of Ill-Repute

whiteslaves.jpgHuman trafficking -- a serious, tragic crime that is only mostly made up. And the Washington Times is on the case, highlighting, in an editorial today, the toll this plague has taken here in our fair city. And giving some helpful hints!

Young Korean women were allegedly smuggled into the country and passed into prostitution up and down the East Coast, including at "spas" in five Northwest Washington locations, one in the 1400 block of K Street and another in the 3500 block of Connecticut Avenue.
Operations in Washington included the 1000 block of Vermont Avenue NW, 2400 block of Wisconsin Avenue, 500 block of 10th Street NW and the 700 block of 8th Street SE.

Fire up Google Maps, sex slave fans! Looks like a long lunch today!

Human Trafficking -- In D.C. [WT]


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