Washingtonienne: Back from Monkeyfishing

So the bad news is that we did play a role in getting someone fired. That, of course, is the good news as well. Washingtonienne exists. There was a public reaming (as opposed to the private ones), "in front of the interns and everything." was done by the Aleysha Proctor, the Administrative Director [This is me learning how to read a staff directory] Assistant Chief of Staff (Ass Chief?). [See update below.]

The "fired" part is less clear. She may not be officially fired. . . yet. But she was definitely shown the door. The front one.

Also: This is definitely going to appear in the "legitimate" media (written by "real reporters") soon.

UPDATE: This is me learning what "real reporting" is like. Apparently, you talk to more than one person. But what if they give you conflicting information? We give up: We're not sure who did the reaming. Either Proctor or maybe Paul Palagyi, the Legislative Director. See what happens when you try to get "facts" about "things"?

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