Washingtonienne Fallout

And you say we're media whores. . . "HotNewsDomains.com! Lets Track Jessica's upcoming financial windfall together!" [JessicaCutler.net]

One sexblog where W really stands for W: "Going to see the movie Troy tonight. Kind of a nostalgia trip really; it'll be nice to see some old dearly departed friends finally get the 'Hollywood treatment.' PW told me to call him afterwards. Wants to invade Syria. We've only been dating a year, and we already have a routine!" [Washingtonigenerian]

A conspiracy theory we can get behind: "Just when things couldn't get any Worse in washington, with the economy, the war, Abu Ghraib, and $2.00 a gallon gas, there just happens to be a sex scandal on the hill that grabs everyone's attention?" [Mitch in Wonderland]

How to make ass-fucking less exciting: "Washingtonienne's speech would almost certainly be treated as being on a merely 'private concern' (I know there are counterarguments, but I'm quite confident of this prediction), and she would thus be firable for it. However, a recent Ninth Circuit decision suggests that this prong shouldn't apply for off-the-job speech." [Volokh Conspiracy]

The interview we should have done: "Oh, I don't know. I'm bipartisan [laughs]. You know, people on the Hill in general are a certain way. It's conservative all around. But at night, I think, they're not much different in bed!" [Nerve]

How the other half blogs: "W. called to tell me that she's been credentialed for Boston. Going to have a private convention with J himself. And 'at least in that session, he's damn well going to finish what he starts.'" [Mr. Wonkonian via INDC]


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