Washingtonienne: Process of Elimination

For everyone who still doesn't know who Washingtonienne is, here's a hint: She's not Kristin Gore, former Vice-First-Daughter and author of a somewhat autobiographical D.C. novel. How do we know Kristin is not Belle de Hill? We found this handy chart delineating the difference between the two and their respective literary output.

KRISTIN GORE, AUTHOR OF "SAMMY'S HILL": Protagonist "Samantha is late for work and hung over. She cannot find matching shoes. She is a touch neurotic."

WASHINGTONIENNE: Likes "this crazy hair-pulling, ass-smacking dude who wants to use handcuffs on me. Shit."

KRISTIN GORE, AUTHOR OF "SAMMY'S HILL": Has Dad who is incredibly anal.

WASHINGTONIENNE: Has "sugar daddy who wants nothing but anal."

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