Washingtonienne: She Should Have Known

OK, you can't say Washingtonienne wasn't warned about kinky sex in the congressional corridors before she decided to pull a Madame Bovary. A Wonkette operative sent us this, from the job description of Senator Dewine's internships: "Opportunities will be provided to attend seminars and briefings which are presented for interns, as well as tours of interesting sites in the area." Tours of interesting sites. So that's what they're calling it these days. Another operative drew our notice to this boast from a Dewine press release: "Hopefully, the lunch and the other goodies from Ohio will inspire us." Is this turning into some crazy aide-swapping scandal or what?

Anyway: There are clearly some major freaks in that office and yet she's the one they fired. We're not going to call these Republicans hypocrites, but we are saying that maybe there's a reason they don't want to look you in the eye while they're fucking you. . . like how Bush turns away whenever he mentions the deficit.

Congressional Internships [Internship-USA]


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