Wonkette spoke to Washingtonienne. Her name is Jessica Cutler and that is her picture floating around. I'm not going to post it because she doesn't feel it's flattering, and I know what that's like. Anyway, it was a true meeting of the minds. [It occurs to me that there's no reason for anyone to believe this. Oh, the tragedy of running fake news stories. I am the little blog who cried ass-fucking. . . FWIW: An interview with a picture and everything is coming out in the Washington Post Sunday. And their Rich Leiby knows that I actually talked to her. . . And he's just boring enough to trust, right?]

Washingtonienne: Hello? Wonkette? This is the Washingtonienne!

Wonkette: Hi!

Washingtonienne: [Laughs]

Wonkette: You certainly are in good spirits.

Washingtonienne: Oh, this whole thing is so two days ago for me.

Wonkette: OK, first: How do I know this is really Washingtonienne?

Washingtonienne: Ha! I don't know! What do you want to know?

Wonkette: Uhm. What's something only you could know?

Washingtonienne: Uhmmm. . .

Wonkette: Nevermind. That was stupid. Now, first of all, is there anything you want people to know?

Washingtonienne: Uhm. . . I'm not naming names. I'm not ashamed of anything I wrote in the blog. And people are sad if they're interested in such a low level sex scandal. I wrote that blog not to ruin people's lives. It was just for the amusement of me and my friends. And none of this has been exacerbated by me... I've been chillin'.... I was thinking, I'll get another job in Washington, but it's going to be fun, not something stupid like working on the Hill. Now I'm realizing I may have to go back to New York. In New York, they love this kind of thing. They'll ask what happened at my last job, and I'll say I was fired for a sex scandal!

Wonkette: Why are you talking to people now?

Washingtonienne: Well, I've been fired. And they sent me a letter telling me why I've been fired, they FedExed it but I haven't received it -- they sent to my old address. From what I know, it's no First Amendment issues, more like I've been using Federal equipment. I feel bad for the guy in my office. He walked into my office with a hard copy of your post, and I was like, OK, I know it's over for me here.

Wonkette: I'll say. You're really handling this well.

Washingtonienne: I just think it's so silly. The blog is really about a bunch of nobodies fucking each other. I still can't believe people care. I mean, I thought it was pretty typical. Most people I know, that's a typical week. I mean, I knew that if someone from work found out, I'm fired. But I didn't really like my job anyway.

Wonkette: I forgot to ask the most important thing: How much of what's in the blog is true?

Washingtonienne: Everything is true. Though that part about people giving me money, it's not like it was money for sex, exactly, it was like a gift. He knew I was making shit at my job; he wasn't a john. I wasn't like, walking down K St. It was more of an arrangement. But everything that I say happened, absolutely happened. It's a mocking tone, but I wouldn't lie to my friends about it. It's not like I'm proud of these things, but it's written in more of journalistic style. There are things I left out to be more concise -- and not to bore my friends. If it was every single detail, every move, it'd be nauseating. But I'm not too worried about this. If someone does get upset, well, it's true. I'm not worried about libel or anything. And I'm not the only person making these choices, there were also people who probably should have known better than me.

Wonkette: I just can't get over how you're handling this.

Washingtonienne: Well, it's out of my control. I can't do anything about it now. They terminated me today, so now I can try to explain things. And, hey, I've been acting like it's a day off. I'm doing errands. If it had be sunny, I'd have been trying to get a tan.

Wonkette: What kind of plans to you have?

Washingtonienne: I definitely don't feel like I should have to run out of town. Other people are doing these things, I just shouldn't have to leave.

Wonkette: Is that picture you?

Washingtonienne: Yeah, but that picture doesn't look like me! I've grown up since then. In fact, no one recognizes me. I've been going out every night! There's no reason for me to have to hide in my room. . yet. But they Washington Post, they took a picture, and it's pretty foxy. I'd rather have that picture out.

Wonkette: Have any of your boyfriends tried to contact you?

Washingtonienne: They can leave a message. I guess they know they can't really trust me now and I can't trust them. But they should know that I'm not talking about them, that the blog was for my friends. Anything that's out there, that's been discovered, everything that's come out has been outside people figuring it out.

Wonkette: Has the Chief of Staff guy contacted you? [The Bush appointee who paid her for sex.]

Washingtonienne: I'm not sure. I've been getting a lot of phone calls from numbers I don't recognize. He could have called. Someone called last night and was like, "Don't talk to anyone, don't do anything, move on." To me, it sounded like, "Please move out of town." I know he's just shitting himself now. He's more scared than I am. I mean, I know it's over for me here, he's still trying to save himself.

Wonkette: You sound OK.

Washingtonienne: I pretty much am. I'm someone who doesn't give a shit. Right or wrong, my career's over in Washington, well, OK, I can move back home, my parents love me no matter what.

Wonkette: I wanted to ask you if you had any advice for other young women starting out in Washington.

Washingtonienne: [Laughs] I think any advice I have should be self-evident from my blog.

Wonkette: What about, "Don't keep a blog about your sex life?"

Washingtonienne: Ha! I think everyone should keep a blog about their sex life, because people should be responsible for the shit they pull.

Wonkette: You know, I really do feel like I'm the one who got the ball rolling on this. . . But I just thought you had a really great blog. I had no idea. . .

Washingtonienne: Oh, I don't blame you. I would do the same thing! I was a college journalist, I can see the story here, and, hey, it's funny. I mean, sometimes my stomach doubles over and I feel bad, like, "Oh my God, what am I going to do?" But then I realize, I can feel bad, or I can just get over it.

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