Washingtonienne Suit: The Nasty Bits

We've just received a copy of the suit filed by "RS" (aka Robert Steinbuch) against Jessica Cutler. The bad news? We are mentioned in it. The good news? We are mentioned in it. For once, though, our own name is not our favorite part. That would have to be this:

"Cutler’s outrageous actions, setting before anyone in the world with access to the Internet intimate and private facts regarding Plaintiff, constituted a gross invasion of his privacy, subjecting him to humiliation and anguish beyond that which any reasonable person should be expected to bear in a decent and civilized society."
We're just an unfrozen caveman lawyer, but doesn't this suit fail on its face? One: Letting the low-level staffer you're banging know you like being spanked excludes you from the "reasonable" category. Second: Decent and civilized society? This is Washington we're talking about. Third: Not sure Steinbuch should be making accusations about "gross invasions."

Also, we look forward to seeing if Cutler is going to pull a "citizen journalist" defense on this. Let's book a room at the Press Club now!

Washintonienne Brief [PDF Download]

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