Washingtonienne: We Thought We Knew You

Someone's back. And she's also blogging again:

I Just Got Back to Blogging and Boy is My Asshole Tired

What a day it's been! Job offers, book deals, interviews and (more than anything) propostitions are pouring in like Republican jizz on the small of my back.

It's funny, though, it doesn't really sound like the Washingtonienne we thought we knew. And there are no archives, which is weird. Whatever. We totally support the whole "embrace the scandal and magnify it" approach. You still go, girl.

UPDATE: Maybe we should be more clear: We don't think this chick is the Washingtonienne we fell in love with just 24 hours ago. But fame can do that to a person.

UPDATE UPDATE: We'll say it sl-oow-ly: That. Is. Not. The. Original. Washingtonienne. For reals. On good authority.

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