Washington's Native Species: Dorkus Malorcus

riiiiiiiightLots of chatter on the net about DorkCity's new contest: They argue that though "The Hill has their '50 Most Beautiful People'...[a] more accurate representation of our nation's capitol would be the '50 Most Dorkiest Dorks.'" Now even Rich Leiby knows about it, and he wants in on the action! In today's Reliable Source chat, Leiby encouraged readers to send him nominations, because, you know, homie don't play that:

I deal with a lot of city slickers with $100 haircuts, so I'm a bit dork-deprived in my social circle. You've got your Henry Waxman and Grover Norquist types, but they are sophisticated and smart.
Well, we're pretty sure that the Venn diagram of the "50 Most Beautiful People" and the "50 Most Dorkiest Dorks" is a perfect circle, and while Leiby may feel having a $100 haircut means you are not a dork, it's actually our definition of one.

Please don't ask how much our haircuts cost.

1st Whenever-We-Feel-Like-It-Dork Competition [DorkCity]

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The Most Beautiful of All the Ugly People [Wonkette]


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