Washington's Second-Most Eligible Bachelor

hot hot hot hot!!!!!!!Only in Washington would someone seek to stalk a devilishly disheveled campaign flack (as witnessed by this query submitted to today's Reliable Source on-line chat):

Crushin' on Lockhart: OK, I'll admit it. I think Joe Lockhart is cute. What bars are near the Kerry HQ where I might spot 'em?
And only in Washington would the town's most prominent gossip columnist not be able to name the bars where you could actually find Lockhart at:
Richard Leiby: I've never been to the Kerry HQ, but Miss Anne, our resident barfly, tells me you should check out the Old Ebbitt and Bobby Vann's, though the latter may be more of a Republican joint. Any hard-drinkin' Kerryites out there want to pitch in?
Sigh. Try Stetson's. Actually, try hanging out on the corner of 15th and Eye with a six pack and a sign saying, "I'm the girl who thinks Joe is hot!" That should work, too. (Make sure he's not on the road at the time. And watch out for the homeless people!)

UPDATE: We're told that those with their hearts set on handsome hobbit might also try the Post Pub. "His fave," says our source. Juke box is better at Stetson's, tho.

UPDATE UPDATE: Local 16 has been mentioned. Would skip it on the weekends, ourselves, but Joe has the stamina for that kind of thing.

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Joe Lockhart [Glover Park Group]


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