WashTimes Teaches Rudy Important Lesson on Tolerance

Those lovable WashTimes kids are at it again!

In interviews afterward, some attendees said Mr. Giuliani lost momentum when he heaped lavish praise on Abraham Lincoln.

While many conservatives regard the Civil War president as the spiritual founder of the Republican Party, others deeply resent him as a man who ruthlessly suspended constitutional rights and freedoms in order to militarily challenge the South's belief in its right to secede.

While many bloggers regard the editors of the Washington Times as reasonable (if old-fashioned) conservatives, others are convinced they're complete unreconstructed lunatics who'd pick up a slave at Eastern Market tomorrow morning if they thought they could get away with it.

(For those keeping score at home: Calling John Edwards a faggot: funny. Abraham Lincoln: fascist.)

Romancing the Conservatives [WT via Politico]


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