Wasilla City Council Gone Wild! Trashed Hotel Edition


Sarah Palin's brainless gaggle of relatives, offspring and offspring baby daddies do not have theentire monopoly on foolish drunken mayhem in Wasilla, but if you extend that network to cover Sarah Palin's former employees, yeah, that's still pretty much it. Ex-Sarah Palin administrative assistant and current Wasilla City Council member Steve Menard got drunk and Keith Mooned a hotel room with an epic spree of vomit, urine and smoldering ashes during his stay at the Westmark Sitka while on business for the city, and then, bonus, he tried to pass the hotel charges to the public. Good times on the city dime! The Wasilla City Council was not totally entertained, but what are you going to do, fire the guy? Then who of Sarah Palin's friends is even left to hold office? Todd Palin's moldy antler collection?

The Anchorage Daily News reports:

Wasilla City Councilman Steve Menard is apologizing but will not resign after the city was billed for a Sitka hotel room that Menard apparently drunkenly trashed while on city business.

The Wasilla City Council is requiring Menard to pay the city back the entire cost of his trip to Sitka and forbidding him from any more travel on city business until his term expires in October 2013.

Menard was staying at the Westmark in Sitka earlier this month for a meeting of the Alaska Municipal League. The hotel reported that damage to his room included urine on two mattresses and a chair, vomit on the carpet, ruined bedding, and a burned mattress. It's not clear exactly how it was burned but the hotel bill said there had been smoking in what was a non-smoking room.

And on and on, just read the story, because it's funny. Sarah Palin appointed this guy to the Alaska Railroad board of directors before making him one of her administrative assistants because his dad was a Palin family friend, etc. etc. we will never get tired of laughing at these people. Thank you, Wasilla! [Anchorage Daily News; h/t Wonkette operative "Christopher B."]


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