Wasilla Soldier Who Murdered Afghans For Fun Also Posed With Their Heads

Wasilla Soldier Who Murdered Afghans For Fun Also Posed With Their Heads

Another proud product of Wasilla, Alaska, Army Specialist Jeremy Morlock has plead guilty to three counts of murder for killing Afghan civilians to pass the time when he wasn't killing the other kind of Afghans. But that's not all! Some of Morlock's comrades have also been charged with following his lead to murder these people, and doing so while on drugs. Usually, this would be just another "unfortunate murders in a murder zone of important murders" story, and everyone's eyes would glaze over, but now there are pixxx.

Specialist Jeremy Morlock and Private Andrew Holmes are shown holding up the head of a man identified by Germany's Der Spiegel newspaper as Gul Mudin, an unarmed Afghan they are accused of killing on January 15, 2010.

Whoops! The Army has apologized, though, so everything should be okay.

Many organisations with foreign staff, including the United Nations, ordered a "lockdown" on Sunday night and told employees to stay in their compounds, anticipating violent protests in response to the release, the Guardian newspaper reported.

We can be proud that the recent high-school grads we arm with expensive weapons, ship off to a foreign land for the first time in their lives, and tell to exhibit the best ethics in determining which brown people they're allowed to kill are just mature enough that the photos they take posing with the heads of people they murdered are not also sexts of themselves. This Wasilla gentleman kept it in his pants. [Al Jazeera/Reddit]


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