Wasillapedia: A Sad Repository of Alaskan PDFs


  • The City of Wasilla makes its big debut on the Internet! This thing is called "Document Central" and there are like 9 PDFs, which Sarah Palin will soon ban. [Ben Smith]
  • Boy emperor George W. Bush approves of Sarah Palin because of her experience in Washington as Governor of Alaska. [Jonathan Martin]
  • Nancy Pelosi refuses to admit that the time some Republicans spent their August vacation yelling about drilling to literally no one changed everything.  [Daily Kos]
  • Why is Sarah Palin hiding a secret stash of a million sexy racist emails sent to the Alaskan Monarchy? And why is Husband Todd always CCed when none of the emails pertain to snowmobiling? [Mother Jones]
  • Joe Biden still wants to cut Iraq into three Iraqs, and then lose three different Iraq Wars, just so he can win the election. [Fox Embed]
  • Thanks to a certain enchanting snow goddess, McCain has drawn even with Obama in the polls. [Top of the Ticket]

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