Watch Jimmy Kimmel Keep Poking Hillary Clinton With A Stick (Video)


So here's Jimmy Kimmel just cold prodding Hillary Clinton again and again to ask her if she's going to run for president, almost past the point of discomfort. The little dance between interviewers and (possible) candidate is the focus of the whole bit, and Kimmel pushes the will-she-or-not tease as hard as we've ever seen. It's actually kind of fascinating to see Hillary try to come up with additional non-answer answers after her initial "I'm weighing all the things, you know?" And then Kimmel pushes one more time.

Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea were all onstage in Tempe, Arizona for a panel session at a Clinton Global Initiative University event; how Kimmel got picked is anybody's guess. A student asked Hillary, "Ms. Clinton, if you don't represent women in politics in America as future president, then who will?" (Standing ovation, because these people were not in town for the Gingrich Moon Initiative). And then Kimmel started with the nudging, and it was kind of awful and beautiful all at once.


Doktor Zoom

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