Watch Joe Biden Call the Crazy Redneck a Mental Case!

This was, by far, the best moment of last night's otherwise excruciating YouTube defeatocraps debate -- and not because we give a shit about gun control (honestly, you people need to all kill each other and get it over with), but because Joe Biden is always just drunk enough to either say something outrageously offensive or actually true. Also, unlike Mike Gravel, he's funny. The fuck-you-Anderson Cooper "anyway ..." at the end is pretty awesome, too.

So, here's Biden dealing with the absolute creepiest "find him and lock him up" YouTube questioner of the debate, Loony McGunNut. Yay for Biden! If the new administration needs, say, a wise-cracking court jester or something, Biden's the guy. Between this and saying he wants to fuck Dennis Kucinich's hot wife, we've got to say Biden clearly won the debate.

Political Video of the Day: Biden on Gun Owners [NY Sun]


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