Watch Jon Stewart’s Epic Rant Against SCOTUS’s Campaign Money Decision (Video)


Mo' money, mo' freedom.Jon Stewart is pretty good at distilling the absurdity of certain political events into a just few words. Granted, a lot of them need to be bleeped, but with this week's Supreme Court decision tossing out aggregate limits on campaign donations, there's plenty to curse about. Now that wealthy donors can write checks for the maximum allowable amount to as many candidates as they want, Stewart says, "the last great hope of preserving our democracy from the corrupting influence of money is carpal tunnel syndrome." Thank goodness, America is "finally rid of the corrosive influence of not enough money in politics."

It's a classic Stewart rant, and it gets at the absurdity of equating money with free speech, instead of the really nutty idea of treating money as money. He's so angry that he can't even respond to a Mitch McConnell clip with "the turtle voice."


Doktor Zoom

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