Watch Mika Brzezinski Shut Down Joe Scarborough As He Sputters About Climate Change


We do not usually watch "Morning Joe" unless we are looking for tips as to whether to tuck our shirt collar inside our sweaters or not these days, and also too because "Morning Joe" is a monumentally stupid name. However, we will always endure a few minutes of it whenever it involves Mika Brzezinski telling Joe Scarborough to STFU because that is a thing we yell at our teevee every time we are forced to watch Joe Scarborough do anything.

Let's set the stage for the Mika smackdown, shall we? Living breathing receding hairline Marco Rubio showed up on "This Week" on Sunday to explain that he just doesn't believe in climate change, probably because of Jesus or that his head is too far in the sand, or perhaps just a simple little difference of opinion.

"I don't agree with the notion that some are putting out there, including scientists, that somehow there are actions we can take today that would actually have an impact on what's happening in our climate[.] Our climate is always changing. And what they have chosen to do is take a handful of decades of research and say that this is now evidence of a longer-term trend that's directly and almost solely attributable to manmade activity, I do not agree with that."

There are so many things in the natural world that we do not agree with, like bright sun when we are hungover, but that does not mean that they do not exist.

Since Marco doesn't agree with science, he's mad that science leads to the need for regulations about not just stone cold destroying the earth, because that will murder every last job in America, which has always been the goal of scientists and Democrats everywhere, because that's a sure-fire success recipe right there.

Old not-handsome-Joe Scarborough decided he should address this by name-dropping that he talked to Al Gore AND bashing Al Gore as a televangelist for climate change in the same sentence, which is kind of a feat, and then moved on to try desperately to find a way to agree with Rubio while still pretending that he is a moderate that believes in climate change, but Mika was not about to hear that.

"Why are we talking about Al Gore?" Brzezinski asked. "If it was someone more substantial we should talk more. But it was Marco Rubio playing to the base, I suggest we move on. What do you think?"

"I disagree. I think Marco Rubio could be very significant in 2016," Scarborough responded.

"Well he could be, if he would actually answer a question without the fear of the base eating him alive," Brzezinski said.

After Mika had the goddamn gall to talk back to him and also too make fun of him by pointing out that Scarborough had to spend five minutes AND loop in Al Gore to explain why Rubio's base-pandering was a solid answer, Scarborough just decided he'd talk over her for every last second of the topic, thus providing some really valuable insight and debate on this issue. After essentially shouting her down, Joe got back to his main point, which was basically to say he agrees completely with Marco Rubio except when he doesn't.

"I believe in climate change, I believe that it's man made...but Marco is right. It goes in cycles, and we'll just see how those cycles play out."

So let's get this straight. You believe that human activity has caused climate change, but you don't really want to address that because it will cost jobs, and also too you're not really sure you do believe in climate change, because climate goes in cycles, so let's just kick back and wait and see what happens? SOLID PLAN, JOE.

As far as we're concerned, Mike displayed admirable restraint. Instead of just trying to get Joe to move on from a topic he clearly knows nothing about, we would have flipped the table and peaced out, which is probably why she is allowed on "Morning Joe" and we are not.



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