Watch Out Boy, She'll Chew You Up

  • After 35 years, fetus lovers haven't learned that standing outside Planned Parenthood with their shrimp-in-cocktail -sauce pictures doesn't actually stop anybody from taking care of business. [CNN]
  • No more debates. Instead: cage match. [New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times]
  • Craig Romney lets it slip that he's secretly Mexican. [New York Times]
  • The GOP wants you to know they have some great candidates running for House seats. This is going to be your year guys, we can feel it. [The Hill]
  • But if the Federal government stopped spending money on all the stupid things that guts stuck into the budget, than what would be the point of even having a federal government? [Roll Call]
  • People love Bill Clinton so much that not only will they vote his wife president, they'll do it even after he's yelled and screamed at them. [Politico]

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