Watch Out, Conrad ... It's Blue Guy!

America's least favorite Halloween mask from many years ago - WonketteThe coveted Wonkette endorsement for Montana's senate race goes to ... the guy who drank "a silver solution to boost his immune system in the late 1990s after he became concerned about a possible shortage of antibiotics after the year 2000."

And why is that so awesome? Because it turned his skin blue.

Stan Jones is running as a Libertarian in the Conrad Burns-Jon Tester race. He bravely concedes that he doesn't have a shot in hell of winning, even if the voting machines run on Windows 98. But he's out there anyway, getting his message across. And what exactly is that message? We read his position papers and found a lot of the standard Libertarian stuff we support -- the usual guns, money, dope and responsible sinning + blow up Washington while Congress is in session -- and some folksy twists we know you'll love, after the jump.

* "Airlines lose money whenever there is an accident and lives are lost. They face lawsuits from victims or their families and loss of business from frightened customers. Airlines have great incentive to avoid safety problems. They have a great deal to lose by killing their customers."

* "The handicapped would be less handicapped if we lived in a free society."

* "Oftentimes, teenagers commit suicide because no one takes them seriously. When they talk about depression and death, they tell them that these feelings will pass or admonish them for considering suicide. In an assisted suicide clinic, such comments would be taken seriously."

* "Smoking does not increase government's expense of providing health care (it actually decreases it because smokers die much earlier)."

Libertarian Jones running for U.S. Senate just to get message out [Great Falls Tribune]

The Issues [Stan Jones - Libertarian for U.S. Senate]


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