Watch President Obama Invite All The Messicans To Destroy America


President Obama is announcing his plans to unilaterally and unconstitutionally and unpresidentially make a few tweaks to our current immigration clustermess -- just like Hitler, Stalin, Insert-your-favorite-dictator-of-choice did. Please note this is supposed to be a super-secret message to Latinos only, so if you're not one of Them, stop watching immediately. This message is not intended for you.

Earlier, Speaker of the House John Boehner, who hadn't actually heard the speech yet because Obama had not actually given it yet, had some thoughts about the speech Obama hadn't yet given. He already knows he's against it. And he's got a very persuasive argument you just can't argue with because it's that persuasive.

Watch along and feel free to snark in the comments about this being Obama's latest Katrina or Benghazi or whatever. Unless you're too busy running for the hills before the immigrants who are already here cross our borders to come kill us all or whatever it is we're supposed to be afraid they're going to do once they get here again.

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