Watch RedState Struggle In Vain To Make "Democrats Have A War On Breasts" Meme Happen


RedState's #1 duosyllabic unisex clown Moe Lane has a lot of big feelings about the recent announcement that some panel now suggests women don't have to get annual mammograms until they are 50. Now: Moe Lane isn't an oncologist, nurse, researcher, lawyer, insurance company employee, or federal government employerper se, but he feels pretty confident that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' recommendation that everyone ignore the panel's findings is some sort of big government conspiracy thing, maybe, to secretly strengthen bureaucracy or something (?). So confident, in fact, that RedSate has a new proto-failed meme: "The War on Breasts."

See, Sebelius was like, this task force has nothing to do with anything, so it'd be weird and dumb if private insurance companies suddenly changed their policies about mammograms. This fairly unremarkable and obvious statement is the 9/11 of the War on Breasts. Now Moe Lane will bomb Iraq with reasoning:

"A statement that is very comforting… until you remember that the Democratic party’s goal is to establish governmental control over the health care insurance industry.  Who here thinks that an insurance company already grimly aware that they exist on governmental sufferance might feel the need to ‘change its mammography coverage decisions’ to reflect current state medical policy?  Particularly if there are consequences for not being in compliance with all the laws, regulations, rulings, and opinions that bureaucracies generate more or less automatically. And if the government doesn’t like the idea that people are going to instinctively assume that said bureaucracy is willing to ‘encourage’ ostensibly-private entities to follow bureaucratic dictates, then perhaps the government might like to consider reining in its bureaucrats.  As publicly as it can manage."

Get it? "The War on Breasts"!! Catchy right?



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