Watch Stephen Colbert Literally Defenestrate Bill O'Reilly's Complaints About Stephen Colbert (Video)


Get a job, you hippie. Like maybe hosting 'The Late Show' on CBSThe other night, Bill O'Reilly got mad at hippies and the "grievance industry" -- America's supposed cultural/political movement that encourages everyone who isn't Bill O'Reilly to think they're a victim of racism or sexism. O'Reilly also had some grievances of his own, especially after being victimized by this Stephen Colbert fellow, whose ratings are nowhere near as impressive as Billo's, but who has become "the darling of the far left internet which rhapsodizes over him." Colbert is just as mystified about this, but acknowledges that "for some reason, the far left internet loves me. I mean, I'm in all the hashtags..."


Doktor Zoom

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