Watch The GOP Try To Convince That Guy Who Landed A Plane On The Hudson To Run For Congress


Who's someone people like? The Sullenberger guy, Chesley B. Sully Sullenberger, who became famous for not crashing an airplane last summer or whenever it was. Anyway, coincidentally, you know who the Republicans decided would make a great new congressman from California? So reportsThe Hill, with signature Cheeky Juxtaposition: "Republicans hoped the hero who saved all 155 of his flight’s passengers and crew by landing in the Hudson could help them retake a seat that long had been in the GOP’s control."

Sullenberger said no, of course, and went right back to flying airplanes. This is because he is a highly trained pilot, and not interested in working any service-y grift like being a House Republican.

Sullenberger was back in the news Thursday for returning to work to fly the same corridor he was to have taken on Jan. 15. Sullenberger piloted an Airbus A319 from Charlotte, N.C. to New York with Jeffrey Skiles, the same co-pilot from the earlier flight.

Passengers on Thursday’s flight reportedly burst into applause when Sullenberger’s voice came over the intercom. In a statement released by U.S. Airways, Sullenberger said he had missed flying with colleagues during his time away.

“Capt. Sullenberger has repeatedly stated that he has no desire to run for office,” said Alex Clemens, a San Francisco publicist who represents Sullenberger. The captain is happy with the job he has trained his whole life for, Clemens said.

Yeah yeah yeah. Anyway, it is BACK TO GOOGLE for House Republicans, who will now try to remember that other human that everyone likes... whatshisface....Twitter. Everyone likes Twitter. Chesley B. "Sully" Twitter for Republican Congressman from California.

[The Hill]


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