Watch 'The Koch Brothers: Behind the Music' Tuesday On Bloomberg


We aren't much for promoting television programs, because all televisions and the people who make television programs should be used to plug the radiation leaks at Fukushima. But, whatever, you probably always watch the teevee anyway, might as well learn something that might make you ANGRY enough to revolt:

The richest brothers in the world own a company that most Americans have never heard of…yet their political activism has altered U.S. politics and their family feuds rival those on "Dynasty."

Tomorrow at 9pm, “Bloomberg Game Changers” profiles billionaires Charles and David Koch, who quietly built a fortune running Koch Industries, an industrial conglomerate with interests in everything from oil and gas to trading and paper products.

Bloomberg Television explores how the brothers' deeply held Libertarian convictions inspired them to spend millions to founding think tanks and PACs including Americans for Prosperity foundation, a major supporter of Republican candidates during the 2010 midterm elections and beyond.

The program also explores the brothers' high-profile legal battle with sibling Bill Koch over control of their multi-billion dollar empire, including whistleblower lawsuits and an attempted boardroom coup.

Haha, of course these awful people hate each other and are constantly trying to destroy each other, from the inside. Everybody make sure to do "video capture" or whatever so we can have a thousand easy YouTube clips to use in future posts about the Koch Brothers! (Also, if you want an idea of the Bloomberg television audience demographic, they are referring to a prime-time soap opera about rich terrible people that aired during Ronald Reagan's first term as president, three decades ago.) [Bloomberg TV live stream]


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