Watching The Debate With Pro-Choice America

While we at watched last night's debate in the usual fashion -- at home, alone, chainsmoking, drinking bourbon, hating our jobs, making countless typos, cursing all of you under our breath -- some people like to enjoy those vile things in groups, and in public, even. Among those people are NARAL, who invited us to attend their Debate party at Stetson's.

We couldn't go, 'cause, you know, we were liveblogging that shit, but Intern Nick had nothing better to do. So we sent him, along with Liz Gorman, to document a bunch of pro-choice ativists watching a bunch of suits pander to them without offending a good third of the nation.

Nick's report is after the jump, Liz's pictures are here. Enjoy while it's legal!

Debate Party Gallery

The lovely ladies of Pro-Choice America hosted a debate watching party last night at Stetson's. They had plenty of teevees, plenty of chicken wings, and just the right amount of free condoms.

Advocacy group debate parties have a fundamental flaw: it's not much fun to get all drunk and yell at the screen when everybody in the room agrees with you. When all the candidates are pro-choice, all the partiers are pro-choice, and MSNBC goes commercial free, then you really might as well be watching by yourself. A couple of war whoops were heard when Brian Williams asked about the baby skull-crushing stuff but that was pretty much it.

Our completely unsolicited advice for the next debate would be to have a joint party sponsored by Pro-Choice America and Democrats for Life with a full open bar, and half the tv's on CNN and the other half on the channel that rhymes with "cocks." By the time they got to a question about bortin' the whole place would have erupted into a brawl between mild-mannered non-profit workers with The Rage in their eyes throwing punches in a desperate attempt to abort each other. Cat fights are hot - who's down?


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