WatergateGate: "Dusty" Foggo Admits to Poker, Not to Porking

CIA Executive Director/early-1930's bluegrass superstar Kyle "Dusty" Foggo has admitted to joining the now infamous Watergate poker games with Randy "Duke" Cunningham, further proof that you just can't trust anyone in Washington with a quote-marked nickname. But he doesn't admit to playing with any hookers, according to the Wall Street Journal:

If he attended occasional card games with friends over the years, Mr. Foggo insists they were that and nothing more." She said Mr. Foggo says he never witnessed any prostitutes at the games and that any allegation to the contrary would be "false, outrageous and irresponsible."

This is probably the "one person who now holds a powerful intelligence post" named by Harper's last week. Foggo vehemently denies the allegations, but that just confuses matters. Did the hooker play poker? Or would they show up after the game ended? Would Cunningham invite his lawmaker buddies over for some cards, then kick them out when his dates arrived? Maybe you fuck the hooker first, then play cards? Someone who has attended a hookers-and-poker party at the Watergate please let us know the etiquette.

The fun bit is that Porter Goss is still sorta implicated, because he's the one who promoted "Dusty," whose primary qualifications were perhaps being a pretty good friend of Brent Wilkes.

CIA Confirms Official Attended Poker Games [WSJ]


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