WatergateGate: "Nine Fingers" and "Dusty" Claim No Hanky Panky

Today's Time article on Porter Goss, Duke Cunningham, Brent Wilkes, Dusty Foggo, and Brant Basset, while very informative, fails to call Basset "Nine Fingers" even once, which is, of course, shoddy journalism. Also, the closest it comes to mentioning hookers is quoting Foggo's attorney as saying that there was "no hanky panky" at the Watergate poker parties.

Anyway: Goss brought Nine Fingers back to the CIA. Nine Fingers encouraged him to hire Foggo. Both received money from Wilkes, whom they both knew in Cali. That's the story. BRING BACK THE HOOKERS THIS IS GETTING COMPLICATED.

Another Goss Aide Is Linked to Military Contracting Scandals [Time]


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