We Accept the Note's Challenge

thenote_branding_t.jpgThis morning, the wack-jobs over at ABC's "The Note" threw down the gauntlet:

(Today's Note summary contains 3 jokes, 4 moments of sarcasm, and three interludes of irony.)

(Find 'em if you can, hostile bloggers.)


Three Jokes:

"We are so, so embarrassed that it took us this long to figure out how the Dubai Ports World imbroglio was going to end." Really? We were so, so embarrased for you yesterday when you summed up your analysis of McCain and Clinton's electoral chances thusly: "Note to Karen Tumulty: don't sue us. We thought of this before you, even if we didn't bother to write it up first." We were just going to smile wanly and pretend that your breakthrough deepthink hadn't actually occurred to every sentient being in creation about three years ago, but you just had to go and push us, didn't you?

"Our analysis in the quiz answers is the product of current conditions and should not be used as the basis for future actions or investment." Oh, please. Tell it to someone who's actually impressed with your ability to suck your own dick and insist it tastes like ambrosia.

"[Written by] Mark Halperin"

Three interludes of irony:

The hilarious inclusion of a section titled "lobbying reform."

The chiding reference to someone else's "inflated resume."

The inclusion of a link to the Note's RSS feed.

Four moments in which The Note gives in to sarcasm:





Hostile enough for you?


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