We Are All Bankrupt Automakers, In Our Hearts

  • Remember when Joe Biden said, "As soon as he's elected, Barack Obama is going to piss off his most devoted supporters, and you Obamatards are all just going to have to suck it up"? Was he talking about Hillary Clinton becoming Secretary of State? [Politico]
  • Stocks will probably go down today because everybody is worried about the Wall Street bailout and the Big Three automakers teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. [CNN Money]
  • American car manufacturers still want their bailout, but it's looking less and less likely. [Bloomberg]
  • A new report confirms that Gulf War Syndrome is real, and probably caused by an anti-nerve gas drug and pesticides. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Why the widespread lack of support for an auto industry bailout? Because their cars suck and everybody hates them for fighting against better fuel-efficiency standards. [New York Times]
  • Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo and repeated sinker of deals to try to save the company, is finally stepping down. [Wall Street Journal]

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