We Are In Dirty Hippie Love With This Oregon Health Exchange Ad


Butthurt Alert/Drudge Sirens! A number of rightwing sites are outraged, Outraged! at this "acid trip Obamacare ad" that "costs taxpayers $3.2 million" -- a figure that appears to include not only the production costs, but also the cost of buying ad time and other PSA's, not that the angerbears at Americans for Tax Reform bother with that distinction. We especially like the complaint at Hot Air, which says the ad features a "retro hipstery busker flying over the Orwellian rainbows of Portland."

Rainbows are Orwellian now?

Americans for Tax Reform sniffs that the spot for the state exchange, Cover Oregon, "features absolutely no information about the health care law and what enrolling in the state exchange means" and complains that the lyrics "Long live Oregonians; we’re free to be healthy" are misleading:

“Free” has quite the interpretive meaning in the context of a bill projected to cost more than $1.76 trillion over the next 10 years ...

Obamacare is more unpopular today than it has been at any point since its passage in 2010. That may explain why Cover Oregon’s objective is to get a song stuck in the heads of young hipsters instead of outlining the true consequences of the job-killing and disastrous legislation.

Shame on Cover Oregon for actually promoting the ACA instead of repeating rightwing claims about it! And mercy, an advertisement that's designed to get a jingle in somebody's head (and direct them to a website) rather than simply listing facts? Is that even allowed? Then again, Americans for Tax Reform also complained that the first ad in the campaign "contained no information and simply directed people to a website," linking to this ad which appears to contain information:

And of course, there's no mention of this very facty third ad, which has a capsule description of how the exchange will actually work. Because, you know, the hippie ad is a really really offensive waste of all the money and probably will make children take the drugs.

[Hot Air / Americans For Tax Reform / Cover Oregon]

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