We Are Lucky to Have Butterstick

I Am Officially In Love With The PandaWe're glad to see that MSM has finally deigned to cover the raging controversy over "Butterstick" the panda. Or, as the National Zoo prefers to call him, "Hua Sheng" or "Tai Shan" or "Qiang Qiang" or "Sheng Hua" or "Long Shan". . . . they haven't announced the winner of the naming poll yet. Whatever name America chooses, it will be the wrong one, of course. Look at him, he's bigger than a breadbox, but he'll always be Butterstick to us.

In fact, this image was so captivating we decided to look for more images to fulfill our panda porn jones. And then we discovered that there is such a thing as panda porn. Unsuccessful panda porn. AFP reported Tuesday that scientists will be using GPS trackers and hidden cameras to try to uncover the secret (and apparently pretty tame) sex life of, er, "wild" pandas in an effort to discover what turns them on:

A lack of interest in sex is one of the main reasons why the furry animal is endangered, and measures ranging from specially designed Viagra to panda porn movies have done little to change that.
Have they tried a backrub?

'Qiang Qiang'? 'Butterstick'? Cub Naming Contest Nears End [WP]

Scientists spy on panda sex habits [AFP]


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