We Aren't Free Speech Martyrs, but We Can Be Just as Self-Righteous

We're working (much harder than we usually work, by the way) on a more in-depth follow-up to our earlier posts regarding the inability of certain members of our Armed Forces to read Wonkette while they're supposed to be defending the nation or fighting terror or whatever. In the meantime, we'd like to once again clarify some things:

* We have confirmed from multiple sources that Wonkette is blocked on US Marine corps work computers on at least some bases in Iraq.

* We have had two sources tell us that other comedic/satiric sites are blocked.

* Our initial source tells us that Wonkette wasn't blocked until they moved web filtering responsibilities from local hubs in Iraq to USMC Network Operations in Quantico, which was last month.

* This doesn't apply to Morale, Welfare, and Recreation computers, which can access any non-pornographic site (so far, any way).

* According to one source, the filtering software appears to have exceptions for certain "right-wing" sites that it doesn't have for certain "left-wing" sites.

* We've also had a lot of people tell us we're full of shit, which is always very possible.

As we said, we're still looking into it. But we know, we know, never ascribe to malice etc. etc..

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