We Asked, You Told: Wonkers' Election Day Reasonably Free Of Irregularities ... THAT WE COULD SEE


This morning, we asked for your completely unscientific, anecdotal reportage on how the 2013 vote has been going. It would seem that the wheels of Democracy are turning fairly well, with only a few squeaky glitches here and there! Hurrah for the integrity of the process and all that.AS FAR AS WE CAN TELL.

That said, a few of you encountered some definite oddness, including one touch-screen "miscalibration" that sounds a lot like the experience of the guy trying to vote for Terry McAuliffe whose story we led off with this morning. "D.H." writes,

I touched Northam for lieutenant governor, but on my summary page the machine indicated I had chosen E.W. Jackson ... at least twice I went back and changed it to Northam on the lieutenant governor options page with the "x" unmistakably replaced in front of Northam; and, for sure both times my summary showed I'd chosen Jackson. On my last try I was incredulous.

Fortunately, D.H. was able to get help from a poll worker who explained "it might not work if you hit the choice box directly, but hitting it a little above the box might," which is what did the trick for Col. Morris Davis, too. But! Did D.H. consider the possibility that God was using the "malfunction" for a higher purpose, to elect Ew Jackson? Anyway, don't worry. Everything's fine.

"A.R." in Norfolk encountered what sounds like a fairly routine glitch, with what we hope was an appropriate resolution, but also took some entirely reasonable "just-in-case" steps:

This morning, I was informed by a poll worker that I was considered an 'inactive' voter after presenting my voter card obtained after I moved in August 2012. I had no problems voting in the same place a year ago.

I was pulled out of line and given a very odd form to affirm my identity. At no point did anyone ask to see a photo ID even though I asked them if they needed/wanted to check against the statement I had just signed, compare to my registration card, etc.

I called bullshit on the entire process and affair. Filed a complaint with state, requesting an explanation and like a good commie, I notified the ACLU of the event, in case they are keeping track of shenanigans.

Brand new commenter "sissyboodles" is the only person we heard from outside of Virginia (What, New Jersey is voting smoothly?), and sent this note:

Livonia, Michigan, around 8 AM. I was asked for my ID (NOT required by law as far as I know [Actually, yes it is, since 1996 -- Dok Z]), which was scanned into a laptop. My precinct uses the sort of ballot you mark with a pen, then feed into a scanner. I was told to notify the poll workers if it made a funny sound or the counter didn't register my ballot. I noticed the counter didn't register my ballot and told them. They basically said they didn't believe me. (I live in a predominantly Democratic neighborhood btw.)

Gotta like it when a poll worker says "let us know if you have any problems" and then refuses to believe you when you let them know you had a problem! That person may be management material.

And finally, this hopeful-sounding report from Prince William County, Virginia, via "F.V.":

When I went into cast my vote at my local Prince William county polling place this morning, the nice check in lady told me that there had been over 400 people through in the first couple of hours. I asked if this was unusual, she said "very"! On my way out I decided to go out front and help hand out Democratic propaganda (sample ballots on how to vote). I helped for about 45 minutes and I counted maybe another 100 people come past us. We had only two people hand back the Democratic sample ballot.

Also unscientific but encouraging: F.V. reports that in contrast to most election years, there seem to be a lot fewer Republican campaign signs, even in his Republican neighbors' yards, as if "they didn't want anybody to remember they were Republicans."

Doktor Zoom

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