• Here is your Sarah Palin 2009 glamour porn calendar with "pre-drilled holes" to more easily hatefuck it. One more year! One more year! [Marc Ambinder]
  • David Paterson is fighting secret name-calling wars with Caroline Kennedy (of the prestigious Sulzberger family) via the New York Post. [Ben Smith]
  • The identity of "Individual D" in the Blaggy thing has been uncovered: it's Raghuveer Nayak, some billionaire whose money was of interest to Blaggy, and the only name in the world that will be copied and pasted and not spelled out a higher percentage of the time than "Rod Blagojevich." [Top of the Ticket]
  • Here is Dick Cheney, being saucy and continuing to send his ill-wishes, unprovoked, to Dark Knight star Patrick Leahy. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • The type of shoe that Throwy Journalist tossed at George Bush is now a best-seller! The economy is saved forever, etc.! [Hit & Run]

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