We Can Rebuild Him

* A congressman pushed a reporter down a flight of stairs today, and there's video of it. That would be the end of that guy's career, only he's already resigning. [Swamp]

* John Edwards keeps telling us about the things he would do if he was someone who mattered. [Election Central]

* Hey, so if you're free on Monday just pop by the protest of the "Iranian nutjob" speech at Columbia, it's sure to be a good time. [Michelle Malkin]

* New York liberals are way ahead in California. [Political Wire]

* Bush endorses Dennis Kucinich for president. [The Plank]

* Since the GOP field doesn't have enough unelectable blowhards, here's another one. [Redstate]

* Our robots in Iraq bear the brunt of long deployments, roadside bombs. [Liberal Avenger]


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