We Can't Remember If It's News That Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham Are Supposedly Gay (Not With Each Other, That We Know Of, Just In General)

Professional hypocrite-outer Mike Rogers has suggested that Republican senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are homosexuals for what, years now? And now it's being repeated on Counterpunch and other sorta mainstream liberal news sites. So something's up, and Endless Cummer will never end, just like in the Beach Boys song about gay senators, "Kokomo." And somehow, this is going to end up with liberal gays being put in Halliburton extermination camps, so keep your schadenfreude in check.

McConnell is a total asshole, so we don't care if it turns out he's one of those mystery pedophile clowns. The evidence that he's a closet case consists of a) Mike Rogers says so, and b) looks "funny."

Graham is reportedly a nice guy and doesn't even have a beard, so we don't know why anyone especially cares. Plus, everybody who even knows who he is knows he's gay. On the other hand, he supported Clinton's impeachment, and torturing everybody, and a bunch of other shit, so should probably be publicly shamed, but not as much as McConnell, who is an asshole.

Also, AM radio jackasses like Rush Limbaugh totally hate Graham, which makes us like Lindsey a little more.


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